Private Sessions


One-on-One sessions are a wonderful way to deepen into your healing journey and learn how to work with your unique needs and abilities. They also offer an opportunity to learn how to develop exquisite self-care practices that fit your busy lifestyle.

Introductory Private Yoga Package:
NEW YEAR SPECIAL: $200. $225. for 3 one-hour sessions

These three 60-minute one-on-one sessions are tailored to your unique needs. Sessions use the tools of yoga therapy and may integrate gentle, somatic and restorative yoga, breath work, mudra, meditation, guided visualization and relaxation to empower you to:
• reduce stress, overwhelm and pain
• help heal from an injury or illness
• create a daily wellness routine
• experience the freedom and joy that comes from taking time out for your own well-being

Private Yoga: 60-minute session
$80. single session or $385. package of 5 sessions
Continue your tailor designed yoga practice from the Introductory Yoga Special. Sessions include breathwork, gentle/somatic/restorative yoga, relaxation and meditation practices appropriate for your unique body. Whether you want more relaxation and peace of mind in your life or want to build strength and stability or just support and nourish a busy lifestyle, private yoga sessions can hold tremendous benefit and fit easily into your schedule.

Therapeutic Yoga: 75-minute session
$95. single session or $460. package of 5 sessions

A blend of restorative (supported) yoga, gentle yoga, breath-work, hands on energy-work, guided meditation and therapeutic essential oils to help release stress and chronic tension or to rest and recover from injury or illness. Therapeutic yoga does not seek to diagnose or treat any ailment. Sessions are meant to support the body + mind to create space for optimum health & wellbeing.  Sessions with Heather have been found very beneficial for those dealing with anxiety, back pain + sciatica, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, cancer, insomnia, stress + stress related illness.

Couples Yoga for Birth: 2-hour session
$150. per couple

This session provides an opportunity for couples to enhance awareness and confidence in pregnancy, labour and birth. It has been well researched that a sense of calm and confidence ease the birthing process, reduce pain and increase the joy of giving birth.

Couples will learn:
•partner yoga postures to strengthen and open the body for labor and birth
•labor positions that tap into your body’s wisdom and align with gravity to ease your •body’s work
•hands-on assists and comfort measures
•vocal toning and relaxation

Private sessions are offered at my Heartsong Yoga Studio and are scheduled by appointment. Contact Heather for more details or to schedule your session.

“Heather is a very intuitive, compassionate, and authentic woman.  A talented and well-trained yoga teacher and health coach, Heather has helped me to learn yoga and to fill my self-care toolbox with other healthy strategies that support optimum health and well-being. Her warm, supportive style, paired with her expertise in yoga and health coaching make me feel capable of achieving almost any goal. I always leave a session with Heather feeling energized, confident, and peaceful.” -Shelley C.